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Anatomical Alignment For Wellness

Most of us have heard the term “Yin and Yang”, which is the belief that the universe, as well as ourselves, are dependent opposites that must always be in balance, thereby creating harmony. Yin and Yang exist in relationship to one another, and oppose and compliment each other, as well.

For example, our muscles are soft and elastic (yin), whereas our connective tissue is inelastic and stiff (yang), and both are dependent upon one another for function. However, when one or the other becomes stressed or injured, it affects the alignment of our body creating an imbalance that eventually leads to discomfort and pain.

Our body is incredibly complex and if we were to take the “opposing and complimenting” viewpoint, many things become incredibly simple. The human body is a web; everything connects with everything else. It simply functions as a whole, and at its best when in anatomical alignment.

John Lien’s passion is helping others who are suffering from chronic pain, or who are working through an injury or accident. He specializes in anatomical alignment strategies, techniques, and intuition to achieve outstanding results.

The Lien Approach To Wellness provides in depth information on the importance of being in anatomical alignment, and what can happen if we’re not.