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Worker’s Compensation Claim

L&I – Labor & Industries Insurance Self Insured Employer

Note: If your employer is self-insured your insurance benefit of medical massage does not change but the process and claim management is different from Labor and Industries. Contact your personnel department, as you will file your claim directly with them.

If you have been injured at work L&I will provide medical massage therapy, with a prescription from your Doctor, as part of your initial six visit outpatient therapy. A second set of six sessions may be required, which will require requesting your doctor for additional treatment and a prescription. Our office will contact L&I to request authorization to continue therapy.

A third set of six treatments requires a comprehensive medical report from your Doctor, explaining why you are not back to pre-accident condition, and must show why massage therapy is the choice of therapy. Our office will need to call L&I for authorization to continue treatment.

After a total of 18 visits, L&I will not authorize continued massage treatment for your injury.

What you need to do prior to massage treatment

You and your doctor or the doctor who treats you, will fill out an Accident Report Form, or if your employer is self-insured, a Providers Initial Report (PIR) form. Your claim is filed when your doctor sends the report to L&I or to your employer for processing.
  1. Notify the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries by calling their Provider Hotline at 1-800-848-0811 8:00AM thru 5:00PM weekdays. The Provider Hotline staff will determine authorization for massage therapy. Or, your personnel department if your employer is self-insured.
  2. Print out our Prescription Referral Form, fill out your portion of the form and give to your doctor to fill out the prescription portion. Massage treatment requires a Prescription Referral with the diagnosis code and treatment plan that includes the number and frequency of the treatment sessions. Bring the completed form with you on your first visit.
  3. Fill out the necessary forms
  4. Get a claim number
  5. Make an appointment: (509)325-4874
  6. Fill out the First Time Visit Form and bring with you on your first appointment.
First Time Visit Form

Massage Therapy Prescription Referral Form