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“Pain is no longer pain when it is past.” Margaret J. Preston

“One day, a long time ago, I started feeling pain in my wrist while talking on the phone. After a period of time I found myself having to excuse myself from the call because my wrists were getting so sore. As weeks and years went by the pain got worse. No more playing the piano, no more kayaking. In fact it got so bad that I couldn’t even type or write.

I resorted to wearing wrist braces to relieve some of the pain, and wore them twenty-four hours a day, for almost five years, before I got some relief. During those five years my treatments included lots of anti-inflammatory drugs, years of chiropractic treatment, being tested negative for carpal tunnel, thousands of dollars of physical therapy, acupuncture, hot wax, electro therapies, and cortisone treatments. Towards the end of the five years I met with a specialist whom would have sliced into both of my wrists with a fifty percent chance of reducing the pain. I just couldn’t do that.

It was shortly after that time, that my brother recommended I see a massage therapist that he was having excellent results with. I never would have guessed that it would be a Hawaiian massage therapist, named John Lien, who would free me from years of pain and misery.

During my first visit the wrist braces came off, never to be put on again. After three visits I felt about 85% better. The funny thing is; he didn’t work on my arms or wrist. Much of his focus was on my lower right leg! It probably took two more years for me to reach a one hundred percent recovery.

Both my wife and I have continued monthly visits with John. Besides massage therapy, John has provided us with a wealth of valuable health information. We have recommend John to many of our friends and employees. I am pleased to recommend John to you!”

Scott J.

“I can’t thank you enough for improving mobility and reducing scar tissue in my left shoulder caused by an accident in February 2010 that resulted in a tendon tear (supraspinatus tendon).

After my brother arranged for me to treat with you, during a recent visit with him in Spokane, I returned home and met with my orthopedic surgeon for a further evaluation, and to schedule surgery. The orthopedic surgeon was amazed to see that the limited range of motion in my left arm was notably improved and the surrounding scar tissue had significantly diminished. Needless to say, I was more than thrilled when I was scheduled for a 6 week follow up visit instead of surgery, which is what had been previously discussed, to repair the tear.

After your thoughtful ministration and non-invasive treatment I am now encouraged that if I continue to employ, to the affected area, the techniques taught by you, it is very possible the tear will repair itself and there will be no need for surgery. It’s absolutely amazing how the body treats and heals itself when properly treated!”

Valentine B.

“The girl was young, probably not twenty years old, and very attractive. She was sitting in John Lien’s office waiting for her appointment. All looked in order until I noticed her eyes when I rumbled out from my appointment.

My heart reached out to her. Her eyes held pain, so powerful it brought tears to my eyes. She was desperately suffering a pain I’d never witnessed before or since. She held her arm as if to protect it. “What happened to you?” I asked in as soft a voice as possible. “I was a passenger in a car that a truck hit. John’s been helping me.”

Yes, I thought. “My good friend and body worker, John Lien, is the perfect person to consult whatever your need: physical or emotional. His beautiful inner spirit must emanate form his roots in Hawaii. Whenever I’m privileged enough to be in Spokane and there is time enough for me to see him, he welcomes me with his bear hug and I feel I’m home. I can tell John how I’m really doing. But, he’s so good at what he does as a body worker that he’d just take one look at me and know how my body and I were keeping up with an active lifestyle.

“Now, Jo Ann,” he’ll say, “You keep exercising, drinking water, and watching how you place that big toe when you walk, so you can continue to do all the things you and Bud want to do.”

And, the young girl? What happened? Later, I asked John about her. “In a month, her pain was gone,” he said. I’d have expected nothing less, knowing and respecting John Lien and his work as I do.

Jo Ann B.

“I had an automobile wreck and was referred to John by my Chiropractor. I have had four knee surgeries and with John working on my body I am now able to be active. John is a wonderful person who cares, and takes pride in his work. I have been going to John for nine years and highly, highly, recommend him.”

Glennie B.

“Thank you for the attention you gave me for my problem of hurting everywhere, and also for working on the scar tissue from my knee surgery.  You cared about trying to help me in giving me relief.”


“It is a pleasure for me to recommend John Lien who has a very positive approach to working with the problems in my life. A good friend, who had been a client of John’s for some time, recommended him to me.

His massage therapy has been helpful to me in dealing with symptoms related to diabetic neuropathy. He is a most enjoyable person to be around, and is very supportive psychologically. He is an interesting person to talk with, and gives me many helpful suggestions as far as lifestyle is concerned.

John is very knowledgeable about his work, and attentive to any special areas of need that I may have. I have recommended John to members of my family and friends, all of whom have been delighted with his work.”

Joy A.

“When I was having trouble with my knee, John Lien was recommended to me by a well respected reflexologist.

I had injured my knee and was having difficulty walking because it was both swollen and painful. An Orthopedic surgeon, who examined my knee, thought that I needed an operation to fix the cartilage. I decided to work with John first. After many deep tissue massages my knee slowly healed. It took about a year, but now – twelve years later, my knee is still strong and healthy.

Because of John, my body is in better alignment and I am more aware of preventative measures to keep my body in good condition – a necessity, as I grow older.

I highly recommend John. His training, dedication, integrity and good results keep me coming back for maintenance sessions.”

Joan S.

“I attest to the healing and restorative effect of the bodywork done to me by John Lien. His first treatment with me in 1996 was the first step of my conquering neck and back pain since I was injured in 1990. Since then, by my practice of self-massage, taught to me by John, I have been able to keep up my rigorous pursuit of sports and everyday life.

John has been able to teach me some basic principles, of his vision, of muscle and body working such as balancing different muscle groups, correct posture and how to self massage. He has also taught me how to more intuitively rehabilitate myself after injury or overuse of my body. It used to be a painful experience to sit in a chair for any length of time. I can now lead a relatively pain-free life.

Thank you John for your vision, intuitive knowledge and creative application of your body working skills!”

Derrick H.

“I experienced constant neck pain due to a car accident whiplash injury, thirty plus years ago. Over the years I went to other massage therapists but only found minor, or short periods free of pain. I had also been to a Chiropractor, with limited results in pain reduction.

I am, and was physically fit for my age. I attended exercise classes weekly, walked, and kept my weight appropriate for my height. In my nursing profession we had many duties, which required the strenuous use of upper body muscles, plus hips and legs. This often caused muscle problems as well.

Over the past ten years I have seen John approximately once a month, which pretty much keeps me pain free and feeling good, for my 73 years. Both my grand daughters have seen John and both found relief. One has migraine headaches and neck pain. She too is a nurse who also works out, and whose weight is appropriate for her height. The other found relief from her back and neck pain as well. She is a college student and studies a lot using the computer – causing the pain. She also fell snowboarding and found relief with John’s massage.“

Cordelia B.

“If I were recommending John Lien to anyone I would be sure to say, “If you need some DEEP BODYWORK done, this is your man!”

When I go to John, and having a specific problem, I tell him and he concentrates on the muscles, etc. that affect that area. I broke my ankle, had two foot surgeries, and fell forward twice. John was able to work his magic on the various areas, and aligned them again.

John is thorough, disciplined and persistent. If it hurts I know that he is putting something back where it belongs. He is kind, caring and his objective is always to help you and make you feel better. I’ve been to other therapists, but none that know the body as John does. His strong hands dig around until they find the culprit and I always feel better after I’ve been to see him.”


“I came to know John Lien through an elderly 75 year old lady friend who he had helped. When she went to him, she was constantly falling, had poor balance, and deteriorating. That was 3 years ago…and today she is 100% functional and mobile as I write this.

As for me, I am a 65-year-old male who went just because I wanted to see what John Lien might do for me. Funny, I didn’t have a clue that I was falling apart…I just hadn’t broken or torn anything…yet! After seeing John every two weeks for the past 2 years, I MOVE and FUNCTION like a teenager! No limitations, no pain, no pills…it doesn’t get any better than this! I consider John Lien to be a special person…and I am forever grateful. The money I share with John is MY investment in ME!”

John T.

“The problem that brought me to John resulted from several serious sport injuries involving my left knee and lower back over my life. Following two severe knee injuries, I had all the cartilage from my left knee removed when I was nineteen. When I was thirty, I had a severe lower back soft tissue injury. In my middle forties, the combination of these two injury sites resulted in several years of episodes of very severe back spasms (two to three episodes per year), and chronic plantar fasciitis involving persistent, and unrelieved severe pain, despite several steroid treatments and the use of orthotics. For about two years, the foot pain was so severe that I could not walk more than two city blocks without severe flare-ups above and beyond the chronic pain.

I was referred to John by a friend after a podiatrist recommended surgically severing the fascia in my foot to relieve the pain. My initial contact with John involved four ninety-minute sessions over a six-week period. By the third session, the pain was gone. Over the past six years, I have gone back to John an additional few times because of acute flare-ups of lower back spasms. My experience has been relief of the acute spasm in one session and being pain free in two sessions.

I have some trouble conveying how much John’s integrative approach to assessing and treating injury with massage, has helped me. The pain I was experiencing was severe and limiting.

One of the qualities of care I most appreciate from John is how minimal his approach is. John does not push sessions and constantly tries to educate his clients on self-care.

I have referred about 10 people to John who report experiences fairly similar to mine.

More than any other provider of care I have known, John is a healer.“


“I have known and utilized John’s services for several years as part of my overall well being. It all began when I experienced problems with my back and neck, for which I was not able to find relief for with conventional methods. John’s healing techniques and advice have allowed my body to function in a global modality (traveling a lot).

I continue to seek John’s services not only when my body is tired and tight, but on a regular basis, as well, in order to keep my body working adequately. I have referred several of my friends to John, and they have reported to have being benefited from his expertise and wide array of techniques to heal their bodies. Thanks John!”

Joseph C.

“For the past ten years I’ve been going to John Lien. Every treatment has been very beneficial. We feel John is highly educated and experienced in his practice, and works extremely hard above and beyond his client’s expectations.

My husband was at the point where he could hardly walk, five years ago, due to a lower lumbar situation. He was very skeptical of John at first. However, after only three visits he came home and commented, “John Lien is the only many who walks on water. A true blessing! I can walk again!”

Not only does John correct the situation in our body, he strongly educates us on what to do after we get home to help ourselves to further benefit the problem and to keep it from re-occuring, and all this without the use of drugs or hospitalization. Simply put – John is a miracle!

Over the years, we have suggested and recommended John to many of our close friends and relatives. Each and every one of them has returned to us with great reviews and gratitude for the experience they all shared with John. Feel to free to call us any time, and we’ll gladly enlighten you with real life true testimonies.“

Rick and Joan H.

“My primary Doctor recommended John Lien to me because of frequent headaches. John treated me for six months and I regained my range of motion in my neck and shoulder.

When I’ve questioned him about other body ailments, John has advised me on how to avoid further painful aggravation by simply changing the way I walk.

Overall, he has helped lessen the frequency of the headaches without the use of drugs.“

Lynn C.

“After twenty years of visiting chiropractors for continuous back pain (I have a herniated fifth lumbar with SI joint pain, and a rotated pelvis, so chiropractic adjustments did not last long), I looked in the phone book under massage, and found John Lien and Lomi Lomi, which sounded pretty exotic.

I have seen John for the last fifteen years, and though I still have mild discomfort, intermittently, my back is 95 percent improved. I have been able to go a month, without treatment (sometimes more, sometimes less), but John’s treatment lasts a lot longer than what I was experiencing with chiropractic adjustments.

Being a nurse, I have not only referred my co-workers, but family, friends, children, and grandchildren, who also think of him as highly as I do. John is not only professional but truly cares about each person he sees. There have been times I have had to cancel appointments at the last minute, and John has made me feel like I’ve done him a favor and not guilty as many medical facilities can co.

Not only have I changed the way our family eats due to nutritional information I’ve gleaned from John, I’ve learned a new way to walk and breathe.

Last but not least, being an abandoned child, I’ve learned to trust, and let John take care of my pain. John is a part of my heart, and family. Thank you John!”

Martha A.